Origins 1.8 - August 1st, 2016, 12:17 am
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hey steven
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Aaaaand we're in the present day. [Posted by Sail-to-Me on August 1st, 2016, 12:17 am]

what will pearl do now???? stay tuned


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[Posted by Flamelight7 on August 1st, 2016, 8:11 am]

Gem writing!


[Posted by Sail-to-Me on August 1st, 2016, 10:04 am]

@Flamelight7: yeah!! this page took longer to come out than usual because i was figuring out how to go about writing the note... and then in the end I just spliced together a bunch of characters I looked up on the pillars in the sky arena, so rose's note probably doesn't make any kind of sense, but so far there's no cracked code for the gem alphabet, so i played it by ear.


[Posted by Flamelight7 on August 1st, 2016, 6:19 pm]

@Sail-to-Me: Your not going have much trouble with that in the future, since gem writing is basically scribbles^^;


O.O I love this [Posted by Oreina (Guest) on February 1st, 2017, 9:15 am]

Is it still going? Its amazing..


[Posted by Sail-to-Me on February 2nd, 2017, 5:41 pm]

@Oreina: i have roughly the first five chapters planned out, it's just a matter of drawing it, and my animation degree doesn't give me as much free time anymore... but yeah, i am still planning on continuing it!


[Posted by Muffin_Pan on February 4th, 2017, 7:36 pm]

this is too good!!!

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